Thanks to our Teachers - A Measure of Success

Recently some professionals came to talk to our student ambassadors about their careers. Something they had in common was that what defined their path was valuing each person they met along the way — and as they either invented, set up computer systems or healed people’s wounds they were doing so with the idea that they were sharing the gifts God gave to serve a greater community rather than simply for the fame or name recognition for themselves. Also highlighted was the importance of being curious and always learning. Learning should not stop after a test or a degree.

Our faculty and students aspire to be servant leaders and always want to remember those who have helped us along this journey. Our teachers, our coaches, our troop leaders, our first boss, our grandparents, our PARENTS - thank you! God loves a grateful heart.

With that, we will share some of our more recent student success stories.

  • Boy Scout Eagle Project led by Brendan created picnic tables for Regina Mater

  • American Heritage Girls Project led by Grace created crosses for our Stations of the Cross at Maryhill.

  • Ava will be celebrating her First Communion this May.

  • Evan and Lydia were confirmed and received first holy communion this month!

  • Brendan and Sarah celebrate twelve years of service delivering meals to Meals on Wheels clients this month, along with their mom, Kim

  • Lucas is maintaining a 4.0 GPA in his classes at ACC and has already completed 18 hours as a 10th grader, with another 6 in progress this semester.

  • Timmy participated in the Duke TIP program and scored at the 92nd percentile for college-bound seniors on his Science ACT. He was invited to the Grand Recognition ceremony, which is reserved to the top 2,000 7th grade scores nationwide.

  • Zachary achieved his senior yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, surpassing the rank of his parents and siblings.

  • Josh has prepared diligently for First Holy Communion and is counting down the days until May 5th.

  • Grace is showing a heart of service and recently made her parents' bed all by herself without being asked.

  • Chris qualified to participate in the national Scripps spelling bee.

  • Theresa won a full scholarship (tuition) for four years to Wyoming Catholic College.

  • A child with diagnosed dyslexia began reading chapter books.

  • Four students qualified for state speech and debate competition.

  • A child with Down syndrome is reading and playing inclusive baseball, hitting three RBIs in one game.

  • In Catechesis of the Good Shepherd a child recognized the significance of seeds in the parables of Jesus, and was amazed to see the seed of wheat die and sprout more roots and stems to produce 20x more seeds!

  • Caroline and Elisabeth are playing on an undefeated kickball team, came in 2nd place in their tournament, and both nominated for All-Star team.

  • The Nazareth kids created several videos for multiple subjects!

What are other ways our teachers have inspired our children to be successful and servant leaders?