Our Mission: To form saints for our time through organically structured education in communion with the family.

Forming Saints for Our Time

We strive to imitate the saints,
who transformed their times through radical commitment to God’s call.

Through Organically Structured Education

We integrate classroom and home-centered learning for preschool to high school.

Our curriculum embraces the Catholic liberal arts tradition through interdisciplinary studies, Great Books, fine arts, outdoor learning, physical education, and STEM enrichment.

Our pedagogy draws from the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis de Sales, as well as modern reformers like Maria Montessori, Father Joesph Kentenich, and more.

We tailor methods and goals to assist each child’s personal development through evidence-based best practice.

In Communion with the Family

We support parents as the primary educators of their children. As a community, we provide encouragement for living well as Catholic families.

True educators are lovers who never stop loving.
— St. John Bosco

What We've Achieved

  • Regina Mater founded the first Montessori program in Austin that fully incorporates the Catholic faith.

  • We are the only Catholic education program in Austin featuring all levels of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

  • Our family formation programs have over a decade of building Catholic culture through traditional feast day celebrations, renewed religious customs, and study of the domestic church.

  • Our high school graduates have all attended their first choice for university, including Ave Maria University, University of Dallas, Texas A&M, Wyoming Catholic, and more.

  • We are innovators for alternative education, including the use of multi-age, differentiated classrooms, full inclusion, and broad liberal arts curriculum combining classical and modern elements. Our enrichment initiatives range from championship robotics teams, kids’ business fairs, nature camp, and iconography, to physical fitness and living history experiences.

  • We have partnered as families with local charities since our inception, serving MLF/CommunityFirst, Dell Children’s Hospital, and more.