When you give to Regina Mater, you invest in students who are our future Catholic citizens, while also supporting programs that strengthen families.

  • We have an opportunity to expand our mission further. Imagine beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for organically-structured learning, multi-age classes, project-based work and an in-depth liberal arts education.

    • The result? Faith-filled and joyful lifelong learners and families.

    • The need? A permanent place to form and nurture attachments.

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Ways to support Regina Mater


Join us in praying for the future of Regina Mater. Share your prayer intentions and our families will pray for you weekly in chapel.

Financial Giving

Commit to providing monetary gifts through our giving page, give us an item from our needs list, or other donations. Secure online donations can be made via Facebook or PayPal.

Invest in our Future


A joyful giver provides as much blessing to the volunteer as it does the recipient.  Share our vision of a beautiful and harmonious home for family-centered education and faith formation with your friends and family. There's no better way to make a difference than to become an active advocate yourself.

Partnering with school supporting companies

Regina Mater has partnered with several local and corporate fundraising programs to make it easy for you to support us while you go about your normal shopping.


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