Serving the Whole Family

Regina Mater integrates classroom and family-centered learning.  On the home days (Monday, Wednesday, and weekend) students complete individualized assignments based on the 30-week syllabus.  


The Four-Year Cycle vertically aligns all students on similar historical, literary, scientific, and theological themes in order to foster family cohesiveness.

Regina Mater partners with parents as co-teachers to ensure goals are met or modified as needed.  The homework checklist and regularly scheduled conferences facilitate communication critical to student success.  High School students complete a High School Plan, evaluated on an on-going basis, aimed at college or career readiness.   

The amount of time spent on assignments increases according to age.  

  • Mariengarten: No assigned work. We encourage as much reading aloud, hands-on math (baking, counting objects, etc.), art, physical activity, and participating in family life as possible. Montessori "practical life" lessons are encouraged, especially caring for the home with child-sized tools for housework. In the kindergarten year, parents may wish to use specific reading or math curriculum but it is not required. We recommend Logic of English Foundations A for reading fluency, especially for any children where reading struggles or dyslexia may be a concern. Continuing to foster a rich literary environment in the home, attachment to family, and personal interests of the child are paramount.

  • Bethlehem (Lower Elementary): Expect to use the morning for completing core assignments in Logic of English and Math-U-See. Reading aloud from history, science, and literature are strongly recommended but optional. The co-teaching parent is hands-on, sitting with the child for lessons. The “light” load at this stage is given so that parents have a greater agency over the home school day and children have adequate time to play and rest.

  • Nazareth (Upper Elementary): Expect to use most of the school day to complete core assignments in Logic of English, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Literature, Poetry, Math, Latin, Science, and History. Older children in this age group may need additional time for completing composition and reading assignments. The co-teaching parent is hands-on a this stage, sitting with the child for lessons, gradually leading to independence.

  • Cana (Adolescents): Cana students should expect a full school day to complete their core subjects (Grammar, IEW Composition, Literature, History, Theology, Latin, Science, Math). The co-teaching parent should be present but encouraging the child's independent ownership of the work.

  • Tabor (High School): Tabor students are fully responsible for their lessons with accountability from parents. Regina Mater offers the flexibility to enroll in online classes or community college according to the student's high school plan.

Special Needs

Because Regina Mater serves families as a whole, we welcome children with learning disabilities and special needs with active partnering from parents. We strongly recommend utilizing Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and Child Find through your local public school for initial evaluation of disabilities. If a specific learning disability is diagnosed, services may be available through federal funds. See the Texas Educational Agency for a full explanation of your rights.

Learning profiles can aid parents and teachers in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a child, including gifted or twice-exceptional learners. They are invaluable in tailoring the program for your child.

We strive to be fully inclusive in curriculum and classroom management. Parents are key to the student’s success through advocacy and hands-on co-teaching.