Training is defined as being concerned with some one side or aspect of man, with regard to some special subject.  Education concerns the whole capax universi, capable of grasping the totality of existing things.
— Josef Pieper

Regina Mater’s Golden Curriculum is a PK3-High School instruction roadmap. We focus on the mastery of fundamental skills as well as the formative habits of mind, soul, and spirit leading to individual sanctity and service, in the spirit of authentic liberal arts learning: “The primary purpose of a liberal education then, is the cultivation of the person’s own intellect and imagination, for the person’s own sake...Yet a system of liberal education has a social purpose, or at least a social result, as well.  It helps to provide society with a body of people who become leaders in many walks of life, on a large scale or a small” (Russell Kirk).

PK3-Kindergarten curriculum is based on the Primary Montessori environment, with formal instruction on home days being determined by the parent.

For elementary through high school, the Four Year Cycle of history, literature, science, and theology vertically unifies the themes and topics for all ages.