Off to a Good Start!

Our learning communities are off to a good start, engaging the youngest (age 3) to the oldest of learners (the teachers!) As we start each day with chapel living out our theme for the year, “Trahe Nos!” (Draw Us), we invite you to share your prayer intentions with us.

We continue to be drawn to each other, to new knowledge, to new relationships and ultimately to Jesus. This year as an entire community we study ancient history, astronomy and ecology across our Bethlehem (ages 6-8) through Tabor (our high school) classes. We continue with the work of our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program from age 3 through age 12 and theology classes through high school. We look forward to engaging in socratic discussions of rich literature and sharpening our mathematical and reasoning skills.

Our students have already experienced their first interdisciplinary work of creating cave drawings!

We will include you in our prayers when you share yours at

Trahe Nos!