10 Family Activities for Lent

Lent is a chance to reinvigorate our prayer life, to fast and to practice generosity by giving alms.  These are a few "simple" resources for the entire family.

#1 "Purple is for Preparation" Set up a prayer table with a purple cloth and a Lenten cross with one rose and three purple candles. Add a flower arrangement, intentions or bible. Read from the bible each day.  Create your home Lenten Devotional for the Cross.

#2           Turn your Mardi Gras shoebox floats into almsgiving boxes and donate to a favorite charity.   Give alms to an organization in need – this year we will give to Little Angels, helping St. Joseph's school in India to raise funds for desks and chairs. Help with this Lenten campaign here.

#3           Make a Stations of the Cross Montessori packet (join us on Friday, April 5th to take home a pre-made kit!)

#4           Add one item per day to a paper bag as a way of letting go and giving away.

#5           Choose a Lenten sacrifice to do as a family.

#6          For every act of good will or virtue practiced add a bean to a jar during lent. On Easter Sunday, the kids will be amazed to see how the jar goes from beans to jelly beans (or a favorite candy!)

#7           Pray a Hail Mary for each student in class or each member of your extended family.

#8           Prepare and eat a meatless meal together as a family.

#9           Fill your home with Gratitude!

  • Create a Gratitude Board where each member of the family writes one thing they are thankful each day in Lent

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Lent is the season when we take time to listen to God, to ask what he requires of us, and to respond to his grace.  Read and reflect on the series Grace through Everyday Sanctity.

We will continue to add more resources weekly during lent..

The Crown of Thorns
In many Catholic homes, it has become tradition to represent the Savior’s suffering and love with the symbol of the crown of thorns. A crown woven from rose branches, mesquite or other brambles may be placed in the family home shrine or altar. Each day, every family member strives to alleviate the pain of the Savior by offering deeds of love and goodness. In the evening at night prayer (or at another suitable time), each family member may place a paper heart, flower, or dried flowers over a thorn for every good deed they have undertaken that day. The family may decide to break off a thorn for each sacrifice or act of self-denial.

What is your favorite Lenten practice?