Engaging Your Littlest Learners Series: Part 2

Do you want to Build a Snowman? 

Our second activity in our series of Engaging our Littlest Learners is building an indoor snowman.

This winter activity is a fun way for children to strengthen their observation and fine motor skills and have fun with the season of winter at the same time. Playdough can be store bought or homemade.

First, look outside. What does the child notice? This is winter. What does winter look like?  Observe the trees. I wonder...how do trees look in winter instead of spring or summer or fall?  

Second, invite the child to gather sticks for making arms for a small, indoor snowman.

Third, sort materials in a pan.

Finally, demonstrate how to build a playdough snowman with as few words as possible and invite the child to build theirs. Afterward, you can talk about different parts of his body.

White Playdough
Googly eyes or small rocks
Pipe cleaners for arms or have students find sticks outside to use for the arms
Orange foam for nose or a piece of carrot
Black foam for hat
Sorting tray or a muffin pan to sort items*Students can use a muffin pan or sorting tray to sort items to build the snowman. They will have fun sorting while engaging in an important math skill. You can also pair up the activity with the book The Snowy Day or another book about winter.

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