Science Comes Alive!

Students in our Bethlehem (1st through 4th grades) and Nazareth (5th through 8th grades) classes observe and then have a chance to conduct their own experiments. With Mrs. McRorie guiding the way, the students watched in awe of the properties of combustion and expansion, later creating their own chemical reaction.

The children in Bethlehem applaud when Mrs. McRorie enters the room and quickly huddle around, eager to see what they are going to learn next.  The highlight of the Bethlehem science class has been studying Newton’s laws of motion.  Some of the experiments from their most recent unit have been the inertia hat, stacking cups, egg drop, wagon rides, moon craters, car races down the ramp, Hero’s engine and balloon rockets! Recent highlights for the Nazareth students included assembling balances and spring scales, Foucault’s pendulum, racing marbles down meter sticks, and their first science conference.    

What are your children’s favorite science experiments?